James Bond: Choice of Weapons Three classic 007 novels by acclaimed author Benson, featuring literature's most celebrated secret agent, are collected in this single volume. Includes "The Facts of Death, Zero Minus Ten," and" The Man with the Red Tattoo." Full description



The Facts Of Death
Englisch (Original)
1. The Smell of Death
2. A Day in the City
3. An Evening in the Country
4. Too Close to Home
5. Rendezvous on Chios
6. Tequila and Limes
7. The Suppliers
8. Mansion on the Hill
9. The Sperm Bank
10. Offensive Action
11. The Next Three Strikes
12. Hidden Agenda?
13. The Greek Agent
14. The New Pythagoreans
15. BioLinks
16. Romanos
17. Queen of the Gods
18. A Murderer's Tomb
19. The Number Killer
20. Gods Never Die
21. By the Skin of the teeth
22. Secrets of the Dead
23. Independence Day
24. Ghost Town
25. The Face of Death
26. The World is Not Enough

Zero Minus Ten
Englisch (Original)
1. Shamelady'
2. Three Events
3. Call to Duty
4. A British Legacy
5. The Pearl in the Crown
6. 'The Prevailing Wind'
7. Jade Dragon
8. Private Dancer
9. Interview with a Dragon
10. Marked for Death
11. Assassination
12. One of the Links
13. Triad Ceremony
14. Bedtime Story
15. Day Trip to China
16. Agony and Anger
17. Men of Honour
18. The Golden Mile
19. Farewell to Hong Kong
20. Walkabout
21. Countdown
22. No Tears for Hong Kong

The Man With The Red Tattoo
Englisch (Original)
1. Final Flight
2. Assignment: Japan
3. A Night at the Mortuary
4. Yami Shogun
5. Yes, Tokyo!
6. Briefing Below Ground
7. Scene of a Crime?
8. Yakuza Territory
9. Morning Mayhem
10. Kabuki Matinee
11. Smoke Screens
12. The Distant Pain of Death
13. Loose Ends
14. Night Train
15. The Desire for Death
16. In the Tunnel
17. Old Ghosts
18. The Search for Mayumi
19. Secrets
20. Escape from Sapporo
21. Demons From Hell
22. Caught!
23. Bitter Glory
24. Earth's Heartbeat
25. G8 Eve
26. Red Widow Dawn
27. Quick Response
28. The Final Action

Midsummer Night's Doom
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Live at Five
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4


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